Built by Randakk – Supercharged Honda GL1000

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Post-Listing Update: Bidding somehow only got up to $7,300, where it did not meet reserve. According to Randakk’s site, it sold to a German collector for an unknown amount.

Back in May, I noted that Randakk, Goldwing fanatic and supercharger expert, was about to release an absolutely fantastic supercharged Honda GL1000. I frankly figured it would have sold quickly, but I was pleased to see it on eBay, where it will get a bigger following. Here’s your chance to snap it up.

Supercharged Honda GL1000 - Front Left

Featuring a proprietary, “one-off” supercharger, this bike is branded as the RC-003. It seems this bike was initially developed as a mule so that Randakk could test and then sell a supercharger kit, though he eventually decided against production. But this bike has been running reliably with a blower since 2007, and has plenty of custom parts to help overcome any engineering challenges. Plus, just listen to the damn thing! I wish this video was longer – it reminds me of the 90s Honda B-series car engines when hitting VTEC:

This specific Supercharged Honda GL1000 (VIN: GL11019636) features a Fageol blower with 5.0 psi of boost at 5,000 rpms. This allows the usage of premium gas and strikes a balance between extra power and reliability. For more details, there’s a great build site here.

Supercharged Honda GL1000 - Top

Find this Supercharged Honda GL1000 for sale in Pinehurst, North Carolina with bidding up to $6,100 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $21,900