1952 Vespa Faro Basso

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12-17 Update: This Vespa Faro Basso has been relisted with the same BIN price of $13,000 .

We’ve had a few complaints that we don’t feature enough scooters here at Bike-urious. That’s probably fair – though we don’t find (or get tips on) many scooters that truly tickle our fancy. Until now. Meet the Vespa Faro Basso – the last two words of which translate to ‘low light’, describing the most distinctive feature of this scooter.

Vespa Faro Basso - Front2

Made famous in the movie Roman Holiday, this lovely scooter is one of the rarest Vespas ever produced, and it houses a 150cc engine underneath the right rear cowling – which has cutouts to help enable air cooling. US regulations on headlight height forced Vespa to attach the light to the handlebars. But in other markets, Vespa put the headlight on top of the front fender, leaving what you see today. By ’55, Vespa had moved headlight position to the handlebars for all of their scooters. Thus, any “Faro Basso” you see will have been an import.

Vespa Faro Basso - Rear

This specific Vespa Faro Basso has undergone a recent restoration in its original, beautiful green, and is ready for a new owner to enjoy it as the basically ‘new’ scoot that it is.

Vespa Faro Basso - Right Side

Find this Vespa Faro Basso for sale with a BIN price of $13,000 in Artigas, Uruguay . Which means this isn’t just our first featured scooter, it’s also the first bike we’re featuring from South America. We should note that while researching this scooter, we found it on a different website for just $5,200, but we’re going to assume the seller probably wouldn’t honor that price.

Vespa Faro Basso - Front

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