1956 Ariel Red Hunter

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Post-Sale Update: After 37 bids on eBay, this Ariel Red Hunter sold for $7,000.

A model that lasted for nearly 30 years, the Ariel Red Hunter was the name given to a grand variety of single-cylinder engines produced by Ariel from 1932-1959.

Ariel Red Hunter - Rear Right

The Red Hunter name was given to bikes with 250cc, 350cc, and 500cc engines, though the larger bikes have always stood the test of time better. By the 50’s, this bike was capable of a steady 90 miles per hour. In ’54, a swingarm rear suspension was offered, along with a centerstand. Every single engine that came out of the factory was tested to ensure reliability and the fact that it produced 34 horsepower. Want to learn more? Check out this retrospective from Rider Magazine.

Ariel Red Hunter - Front Right

This specific Ariel Red Hunter (VIN: DU8448) has 6,321 miles and as the seller puts it, a “proper British oil drip”. It’s recently been repainted and “absolutely glows in the sunlight”. Impressively, this 58 year old bike still has the original steering lock with two keys.

Ariel Red Hunter - Gauges

Find this Ariel Red Hunter for sale in Redwood City, California with bidding up to $4,035 and the reserve not yet met

Ariel Red Hunter - Front

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