1961 Matchless G12

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When I hear “Matchless” my thoughts automatically go to the raging singles from the dirt and hillclimbs of my youth. But they built refined road machines as well. Developed in 1958 to capture the lucrative American market Associated Motorcycles charged designer Phil Walker with using as many parts from the G11 (600CC) as possible. Walker used the same motor specs but lengthened the stroke. The resulting new crankshaft design was a perfect chance to fit an alternator in the mix. In 1960 the G12 got a full duplex frame and new cylinder head which made it fast and dependable. America noticed and Matchless sales increased.


The 1961 Matchless G12 used a 646 CC (39.4 CID) air cooled vertical twin motor that produced 35 HP pushed through a four speed transmission for a top speed of 100 MPH. Full duplex frame with AMC’s telehydraulic front suspension and Girling rear made this an excellent handling motorcycle. Associated Motorcycles also produced the twin to the G12, the AJS model 31.


This particular 1961 Matchless G12 (VIN # 020619) is in Moreno Valley, California and is listed as a fully restored running motorcycle. Mileage is listed as 1,141 and is said to have $17,000 invested in it in the last two years. Current price is $4,200 with reserve not yet met