1961 Parilla Olimpia

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Post Listing Update: This Olimpia did not get any action at the BIN of $4,900.

After World War II, Giovanni Parrilla built his first motorcycle (it was based on a Norton). This evolved into the company of Moto Parilla, which was best known for their “high-cam” engines in the US. Here’s one of their lesser known models, the Olimpia (which is one of the few bikes I know that was offered with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine options).

The 2-stroke and 4-stroke variants were easy to differentiate – you didn’t even have to look at the engines as Parilla painted the models different colors. Blue meant the bike was packing a 125cc 2-stroke engine, while Red meant you got either a 98cc or 125cc 4-stroke motor. Either way you got about 7 horsepower and the bike weighed 167 pounds.

This example (VIN: 995466) has the 98cc 4-stroke engine and just 411 miles. It was restored an undisclosed amount of time ago, however it’s been on display for several years and it now needs “the usual re-commissioning before returning to safe road use.”

Find this Olimpia for sale in Santa Monica, California with a BIN of $4,900 here on eBay.