1963 Yamaha YG1

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Post Sale Update: This YG1 sold for an opening bid of $750.

You NEVER forget your first time. This could be pretty sappy. This is essentially my first motorcycle. Mine was a ‘64 T variant. In 1963 Yamaha introduced what would become their first American success, the YG 1. It had a number current state of the art touches such as turn signals, drum brakes, pressed steel frame and a megaphone muffler.

Yamaha YG1 - Rear Right

The 1963 YG 1 mounted a 74 cc (4.52 CID) single cylinder, air cooled, rotary valved motor that delivered 6.44 HP through a 4 speed transmission for a rumored top speed of 60 MPH (down hill with a good following wind) and 170 claimed MPG. The transmission was rotary and oil mix was specified at 20:1 and you mixed it yourself. Air cleaner, carburetor and clutch adjustment were all easy access which made service very easy.

This particular 1963 YG 1 (VIN: Y2065825) lives in Monrovia, California and is said to be a running 7,189 mile original. It does sport the optional passenger seat. It can be found with an unmet opening bid of $750