Brand New – 1982 Ducati TT2

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In 1981, Ducati introduced the legendary 600TT2 factory racer. It was an instant success, and Ducati offered examples to the public in ’82 and ’83. They were impressively similar to the four-time World TT2 championship winning-bike piloted by Tony Rutter, and are truly a landmark bike in the illustrios history of the Italian firm. It’s hard enough to find one for sale in general…but here’s one that’s never been started or ridden before!

Ducati TT2 - Left Side

The seller of this bike (Jeff Nash, champion racer and owner of AMS Ducati) says that this is #29 of 30 TT2s, but I’ve seen other production numbers quoted. For example, Ian Falloon (in his new The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles: Every Model Since 1946) says that 20 were built in 1982, and 30 were built in 1983. Either way, this is a rare bike, especially in this condition.

This example is #29 of 30 produced. Never been ridden, started, anything like that. Museum quality bike and it’s absolutely spectacular – here’s a video of it for your visual enjoyment:

Find this TT2 for sale in Dallas, Texas here at AMS Ducati. You know it’s going to be expensive…asking price is $159,995.95.

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