1965 Benelli 200 Sprite

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Sold for a whopping $629 when new, the little Benelli 200 Sprite was not very popular, and as such, you don’t see much information about them nowadays. With that said, they were to be the Italian answer to Honda.

Benelli 200 Sprite - 1

This 200cc was one of the larger engines Benelli made in the 60s, and featured refinements like “extra heavy cables”. That’s not a joke.

Benelli 200 Sprite - 2

This specific Benelli 250 Sprite is simply beautiful, plus we’re big fans of sellers that bother to take proper pictures. Enjoy the several photos taken as part of this listing!

Benelli 200 Sprite - 5

Find this Benelli 200 Sprite here on eBay in Sea Cliff, New York with bidding not yet near the BIN price of $6,200.