1974 Norton Commando Interstate

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The Norton Commando was one of the most popular motorcycles ever made. For 5 straight years it was “Machine of the Year” in the UK, and even Norton themselves were surprised as the success as the engine was a pre-unit design.

Norton Commando Interstate - 1

The Norton was well-known for rubber engine mounts (deemed an “isolastic” systems) that tremendously cut down vibrations. This is the Interstate model, named as it has slight tweaks to make it more touring friendly.

Norton Commando Interstate - 2

This specific example has a RH10 high performance head and Mikuni carburetor. Lots of parts have been refurbished or replaced, so you hopefully won’t have to worry about reliability as much as your fellow Commando owners.

Norton Commando Interstate - 3

Ignoring how pretty it is, when it comes to classic British bikes, the Commando is probably the most practical and realistic one to enjoy on a daily basis in modern times. They’ve got good (~60hp) power, decent electrics, and in this case, a genuine Norton disc brake up front. There’s a reason the 850 Commando is a classic.

Norton Commando Interstate - 4

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