5 Most Popular Bike-uriosities of 2013

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Bike-urious started just 9 months ago, but we’ve had a great first year. Let’s take a moment to recap a few things:

First, we decided to expand into the world of social media.

Feel free to follow us at the following:

Second, we added a ’68 Honda S90, ’03 BMW R1150GS, and a ’06 BMW K1200R to our staff stable:
S90 - Rear

R1150GS - Coast

K12R - PCH

Oh yeah…and we featured a bunch of awesome motorcycles for sale! Based on web traffic, here are the 5 most popular bikes we featured in our first 9 months of existence:

Honda Grom - Right Side
1.) 2013 Honda Grom MSX125 Custom
Not our usual fare of older classics, this Honda Grom quickly spread to Reddit, Facebook, and Pinterest. It seems riders of all ages are in love with the Grom and the many possibilities it affords. Credit to Zack B. for the find.

Harley Davidson Servi-Car - Left Side
2.) 1960 Harley-Davidson Servi-Car
Done up as a fake police bike, this Servi-Car was an excellent example of the incredibly interesting (I get bonus points for double alliteration, right?) Servi-Car. It sold for $15,000.

Honda CB450 Super Sport - Left Side
3.) The Black Bomber – 1967 Honda CB450 Super Sport
One of Honda’s best motorcycles ever (and it’s first ‘big bike’), the Black Bomber didn’t sell as well as it probably should have, but it paved the way for Honda’s absolute domination in the 70s. This example did not meet reserve at $6,100.

Cushman Model 53 - Left Side
4.) Dropped From The Skies – 1944 Cushman Model 53
One of the coolest little scooters we’ve ever seen, the Model 53 was built for the Army as transport that could be dropped from the air, attached to a parachute. This example sold for $7,000.

Ducati Sport 1000 Special Edition - Right Side
5.) 2007 Ducati Sport Sport 1000 Special Edition
A limited run of 100 bikes just in North America, the Sport 1000 Special Edition combines the words Ducati, exclusive, and gorgeous to make a bike that we still dream about. It sold for a healthy $22,750.

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