Ex-German WWII Sidecars

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Post Listing Update: The Zundapp was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

11-15-20 Update: Five years later, the Zundapp is back up for sale. It seems to have lost its trailer and the price has gone up a bit, but the photos are much better so it’s at least easier to see what you’re about to buy. Find it in Frederick, Maryland with a BIN of $65,000 here on eBay.

Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, the BMW sold for $38,300 after 37 bids on eBay. Reader Phillip B notes that the Zundapp is still for sale, but now for $35,000 ($10k discount).

For World War II, the Wehrmacht sent a proposal to both Zundapp and BMW, asking for a motorcycle that could carry 500kg, cruise at 80 kilometers/hour, and have a crawl speed of 5 km/h, among other features. Zundapp built a model from scratch, called the KS750. BMW adapted their R75. The German Army preferred the Zundapp design, but both models were produced, and designs were adapted to standardize parts to help with spares. These three-wheeled bikes were the Wehrmacht’s counter to the US Army’s Jeep. These are very rare bikes, but somehow I’m able to show you one of each for sale today!

BMW R75 - Trailer Right Side

18,695 Zundapp KS750s were built for the German Army, It had a 10-speed transmission and could hit 60 miles per hour. For more on the KS750, check out this write-up on Motorcycle Classics.

Zundapp KS750 - Front Right

The Zundapp has quite a story as it was a “barn find” discovery in Italy during an episode of American Pickers. The bike eventually made its way to Blue Moon Cycles, who brought to the bike back to life. The engine and gearbox work well, and they’ve added a decommissioned machine gun on the hack. The BMW (VIN: 757105) was, oddly enough, also restored by Blue Moon and the seller claims it did duty in the Panzer division. It comes with a Steib sidecar, detachable cargo trailer, and…a non-functional weapon. It looks like a MG42 to me, but I’m not a gun expert.

Zundapp KS750 - Front Left

Find this Zundapp KS750 Sidecar for sale in Norcross, Georgia for $45,000 at Blue Moon Cycles.

BMW R75 - Trailer

Or find the BMW R75 competitor for sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado with bidding up to $12,100 and the reserve not yet met