1965 Yamaha YDS3C Big Bear Scrambler

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Post Listing Update: This Big Bear Scrambler did not meet reserve despite 22 bids up to $5,101 in Chicago, Illinois on eBay.

Even though Yamaha never won the Big Bear race (a run to Big Bear Lake through the Mojave desert), they took the name for 125, 250, and 350cc scramblers. Yes, it’s from the same seller that’s been listing several 0-mile Yamahas as of late, but this one’s got some mileage so you won’t feel bad enjoying it on the road.

The road is probably where you’ll want to ride it, as the “scrambler” model designation was probably a bit optimistic. Matt Cuddy of Superhunky was not very nice to this bike. Calling it a ‘fake dirt bike’, he said: “…the 350 weighed right up there with Buick Roadmasters. Sitting on one was like straddling an oil drum, with sharp protrusions sticking out from every surface, just waiting to harpoon the rider if he went down. Also, the gigantic chromed up-pipes weighed at least 75 pounds combined, and put the center of gravity up somewhere around the riders neck.” For more on what the Big Bear became, check out this retrospective from Rider Magazine.

This example (VIN: Y2C3-10247) has 16,860 miles and all of the cosmetics are original. The seller states that the “running condition of the machine is flawless, starting on the first or second kick.” Everything is said to work and there’s “absolutely nothing you will have to do to this motorcycle to ride and enjoy it this season.”

Find this Yamaha for sale in Chicago, Illinois with bidding up to $2,551 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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