1967 BSA Hornet

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Built from 1964 through 1967 the Hornet was marketed as ready to ride in the dirt. It came in 2 variants, the ‘East Coast Model’ with high pipes and the ‘West Coast Model’ with low mounted pipes.

The motor for the Hornet is built on the same design as the BSA Lightning twin, but significantly larger at 654cc (39.9 cid). The motor developed a solid 53.5 hp and the bike weighed in at 380 pounds. Despite the fact that it was heavy there were lots of races won by a Hornet in the last half of the 60’s, mostly as a testimony to the very good engine life and power.

BSA Hornet - Engine

This particular bike has been restored and is titled as a 1967. If the paint color is correct then it is not a ‘67 as they were a dark red, though I have owned a couple of bikes that were listed ‘wrong year’ because of the difference between model years in other countries.

If you are interested in a pretty good looking survivor from a tough life, you can find this Butler, PA based Hornet for sale here on Cycle Trader. Price is $7,999.00.

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