1967 BSA Victor 441

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In the early 60’s, BSA’s race team was developing a large single in the hopes of winning the 500cc world motocross championship. A 441cc engine ended up being the ticket, which helped BSA capture the 500cc championship in ’64 and ’65. The following year, the company released the BSA 441 Victor Special to the public – and this one’s very appealing if you want to go race vintage MX!

The 441 single is a rare jewel of simplicity and a masterpiece of performance.” – Cycle, April 1968. The first years of the Victor, it was simply a MX bike with lights. The unit construction engine was punchy but vibrated badly at high revs, though the bike was easy to ride and only weighed 275 pounds.

This example has a “period appropriate aftermarket top end” and the seller also notes that it is “in near original condition and runs very well” though there’s no odometer. “All recent work has been done at Northcoast Powersports of Erie and the last mechanic bill available upon request.”

Find this Victor for sale in Edinboro, Pennsylvania for $7,900 here on Facebook Marketplace.

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