1967 Ducati Sebring 350

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When Ducati introduced the Sebring 350 in 1965 it was the largest bike in the Ducati line up. By 1968 the 450 had been introduced and in 1967 Ducati announced the Desmo bikes for the street (It would be 1969 until they hit the street) and the company changed forever.

It’s hard to look at the Sebring today and see a monster sport bike, but that is what it was in 1967. Race bred, the Sebring had a serious if short time in the international spotlight.

The 1967 Ducati Sebring 350 used a 340 CC (20.75 CID) air cooled bevel driven overhead cam single cylinder motor that produced 20 HP with a 5 speed transmission and sump oil lubed clutch. Hydraulic suspension on both ends with great braking for the time combined with less than 300 LBS of total weight made and extraordinary and highly regarded package.

This particular 1967 Ducati Sebring 350 (VIN# 015291) is in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is listed as a 6,671 mile survivor, possibly with an older restoration from the original owner. The bike has been converted to 12v electrics and comes with all the manuals and paperwork. Currently priced at $2,650

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