Iron Pig – 1967 MZ ES 250 Trophy with Trailer

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11-11 Update: This MZ ES 250 Trophy with Motorkuli Trailer has been relisted after no one bid on it. To be honest, we’re stunned. We know there’s concerns about buying overseas, and that this isn’t the prettiest of bikes, but we figured some collector out there would at least place a bid. Let’s see if the second time is the charm. Find the bike here on eBay.

Nicknamed the TV Lamp due to the headlight (or the Iron Pig due to the generally ugly looks), the MZ ES 250 was a quick seller in East Germany due to a lack of competition and a focus on practicality. 1967 brought the ES 250/2, which is what we feature today. Cheaper than the 250cc competition, these were one of the few bikes available in the Iron Curtain that allowed for a sidecar.

MZ ES 250 Trophy - Left Side

The 250cc engine is a one cylinder, two stroke that produced 19 horsepower. With a four-speed transmission, this MZ was capable of 65 miles per hour and about 45 miles per gallon. This specific example doesn’t look bad cosmetically, but head over to BikeEXIF to see an absolutely lovely example.

MZ ES 250 Trophy - Gauges

This specific MZ ES 250 has covered some miles – 26,000 or so. But what makes this example truly stand out (as if you’re seeing them every day, anyway!) is the Motorkuli, a trailer produced in Hungary between just ’67 and ’68. Slightly over 3,000 were built, and we’ve never seen one. Based on the VIN, this was the 81th trailer built. It’s claimed to be in perfect mechanical condition, and the seller has plenty of previous experience shipping to North America. We’re sure our regular readers know that we’re suckers for quirky bikes, and this definitely heeds the call.

MZ ES 250 Trophy - Trailer

Find this MZ ES 250 Trophy with Trailer for sale with an opening bid of $2,800 in Szeged, Hungary

MZ ES 250 Trophy - Tank