1968 Suzuki Cobra

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Otherwise known as the T500, the Suzuki Cobra was very short-lived. Sort of. After just one year, Ford told Suzuki that the Cobra name was already accounted for, and that they should figure out another model name for their 500cc two-stroker.

Because of that, most people know of this bike as the Suzuki Titan, and it was considered one of the most reliable bikes built in the 60s. This was the biggest of Suzuki’s “T” series of bikes, with a 492cc engine that put out 47 horsepower. This was good enough for the Cobra to hit 105 miles per hour. In a world where two-strokes were all about dramatic power bands and quarter mile times, Suzuki tried to build two-strokes that were suitable for everyday riding, or even touring. Want to learn more? Check out this helpful writeup from Motorcycle Classics about why the Titan was so underrated, especially compared to the Honda CB450 Black Bomber.

This example is said to be in excellent condition, and that’s all the seller has to say about it. If you believe the seller, find this Cobra for sale in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada for $5,500 here on Craigslist.

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