1971 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson SX350

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Post Sale Update: This SX sold for the BIN of $4,995 on eBay.

In the 70’s, while Harley Davidson Sportsters and their other cruisers were playing in a small-size market, they had to confront other makers (especially the Japanese) on smaller displacement bikes. To that extent, HD also had to play by the same rules and use similar strategies. One of the most common strategies at the time was to use street motorcycles and convert them to enduros, and this is exactly what HD did. They took the Aermacchi-produced SS350, and thanks to few modifications converted it to the SX350 in 1971.

The SS was modified with enduro wheels, high exhaust, small seat, and high large handlebar. From the SS, the 1971 SX notably inherited the banana-shaped frame with the engine positioned below. To make it stronger, HD reinforced the rear part of the frame which added some weight. The engine remained the same, a 4-stroke single coupled with a 4-speed transmission. The ’71 model also had the shifter on the right foot. In 1972, the SX received a new frame, the volts went from 6 to 12 – so an electric starter can be added – and the shifter crossed the bike to be on the left foot.

In the end, the SX was not a commercial success, notably because of high weight compared to its competitors. Plus, especially for the ’71 model, the engine suffered from having no protection which made any obstacle a potential bike-breaker. For more information about the SX350, look at this story on Motorcycle Classics.

Due in part to its non-success at the time, these bikes remain hard to find in good condition and might keep their value, or even increase. The SX350 (VIN: 3C11433H1) featured here is a 1971 model (shifter on the right foot) in very good condition, showing only 1,478 miles. The bike apparently spent the majority of its life on display in a Harley-Davidson dealership. The seller indicates that the bike has just been serviced at an HD store and is therefore running great.

Find this SX in Stuart, Florida with a BIN of $4,995 or best offer

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