1971 Honda Mini Trail 50 K2

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We’re sure plenty of our wonderful readers have seat time on one of these classics, so here’s your shot at some nostalgia: a pristine Honda Mini Trail 50 K2.

Honda Mini Trail 50 K2 - Left Side

The quintessential ‘monkey’ bike, the Mini Trail was so popular that they’re even cloned today. The 49cc OHC engine produced a whopping 1.95 horsepower (you know it’s small when they’re concerned about decimal points), and the bike was capable of just barely hitting 25 mph, as it only weighed 108 pounds dry. Although light enough so that you could spin it in place or navigate tight corners off-road, it was a bit too heavy for people to lift into the back of a truck, something that wasn’t an issue for bikes made like competitors like Briggs. The Mini Trail, also known as the Z50, had a MSRP of just over $200 when new.

Honda Mini Trail 50 K2 - Right Side

This specific Honda Mini Trail is of the K2 generation, produced between ’70 and ’71. The K2 had a slightly longer rear fender and different paint scheme than previous years. Featuring a Candy Ruby Red finish, this bike has been with the current owner for over 10 years, and is in incredible shape. You’ll get the original Honda book and parts manual, but the real centerpieces is the NOS tank. Most of these bikes had lots of low-speed falls, and finding one with the metal and paint in such good shape is quite a treat.

Honda Mini Trail 50 K2 - Cover

Find this Honda Mini Trail for sale here on eBay with bidding up to $1,975 and the reserve not yet met in Reston, Virginia.