1972 Harley-Davidson XRTT 750

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2-9 Update: Guess the previous buyer fell through, as this Harley-Davidson XRTT 750 is back up for sale, this time with a BIN price of $75,000. Last time the reserve was met at $60k, maybe even lower – so you might get away with a similar price for Best Offer

Post-Sale Update: After 10 bids on eBay, this XRTT sold for $60,000.

Based on the famous XR-750, the Harley-Davidson XRTT was a road racing variant that dominated the Anglo-American Match Races. Depending on who you speak to, only 15-25 of the XRTTs were ever built, and many were wrecked while racing.

Harley-Davidson XRTT - Right Side

Weighing 314 pounds, the XRTT could hit 145 miles per hour even though it only had a 4-speed transmission. A 6 gallon tank was covered in fiberglass, and it utilized Girling shocks and a Ceriani fork, just like the flat tracker XR-750. Unique to the XRTT was a rear disc/front drum braking setup (only the second bike I know to do so – the other is the Yankee Z500). 1972 brought some much needed changes to the engine for the XRTT, including ditching the absurd cast iron heads and barrels for alloy. Output got bumped to 73 horsepower at 8,200 rpm – modern tuning now sees over 90hp out of these engines.

Harley-Davidson XRTT - Cockpit

It must be stated – this was a popular bike to clone. 10 years ago, MotorcycleUSA thought the originals were worth an easy $125,000! The seller claims this specific Harley-Davidson XRTT spent some time on display at Harley-Davidson, whatever that means. I assume he means the factory museum in Milwaukee? Anyway, this is definitely a case where the buyer will need to do plenty of research. The engine was redone by Carl Patrick, considered by many to be the world’s best XR tuner, and it hasn’t had any fluids in it since the engine work. Cosmetically, this bike just looks fantastic, both in terms of style and condition.

Harley-Davidson XRTT - Rear

Find this Harley-Davidson XRTT for sale with a BIN price of $65,000 in Brentwood, California

Harley-Davidson XRTT - Front Left