1973 BGW Trakcycle

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Introduced in 1972, the Trakcycle was a creation of BGW Industries in Mansfield, Ohio – a October 1972 issue of Popular Mechanics says that the Trakcycle “represents just about the ultimate in all-season, go-anywhere ruggedness and versatility. Its rubber-ribbed, cord-reinforced track belt is nearly a foot wide and heavily treaded, giving the bike tremendous traction.”

That PM story also explains how you can lean with a tracked “motorcycle”: “the entire track, engine and drive assembly is pivoted independently of the seat and front-wheel fork. Thus the track remains flat, but you can lean your body as you bank into a turn. On grades, the track tils to follow the angle of the slop, but you stay upright. Spring-loaded stabilizer struts prevent excessive or accidental tipping for safety.”

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