1973 Ducati 750GT

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The 750GT was Ducati’s first entry into the larger-displacement category. For years they had been building very successful single-cyclinder, small displacement street, scrambler and racing bikes. The 750GT was a 90 degree twin, with bevel-driven, rather than pushrod or chain-driven cams. It did not have the famous Desmodromic valve actuation system, as it was initially designed as a touring bike and did not require the performance that the desmo drive provided. The engine put out a modest 60hp (claimed) through a 5-speed transmission. The chassis was relatively stiff, and, due to a slightly long wheelbase, more suited to long sweepers than tight apexes.

Initial GTs had leading axle forks and single front Lockheed brakes. Later models had center-axle forks and some have been upgraded with dual brakes. The 750 was the basis for the famous 750 Super Sport, the bike that made Ducati famous at Imola in 1972. That victory prompted Ducati to produce the iconic “green-frame” 750SS, which did have the desmodromic valves, single seat, and clip-ons. They are now very highly prized collectors items, often fetching over $100K if original. Be advised, there are more than a few GT’s that have have been turned into SS replicas out there…..a knowledgeable Ducati expert can tell you what to look for.

At a quick glance, this 750GT does look very correct. The seller, who is also selling the Ghezzi-Brian Furia featured recently, has several bikes of his collection for sale on Norfolk Craigslist, He says this GT underwent a multi-year professional restoration at Velocity Cycle, and runs perfectly. Mileage is also relatively low. While not a SuperSport, all of the round-case Ducatis have been appreciating in price, and should continue to do so.

I would like to talk to the seller about what exactly was done to the bike, as the listing is relatively light on specifics and pictures. Price may be a little optimistic, at $19,000, but these are definitely current and future classics. Find this 750GT for sale in Mathews, Virgina here on Craigslist.