1974 Tyran 125 MX

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Marketed as a British bike, the Tyran was actually built by Mitsubishi with designs from Ted Wassell, a name that may ring a bell if you were a MX nut in the 70s.

Unfortunately, Ted passed away before the bike made its way to market, and the resulting probate litigation postponed the release date by 2 years. By that point, the Tyran 125 was outdated compared to what the big 4 Japanese manufacturers had created. In essence, the Tyran was slower, less reliable, and 40% more expensive than the Japanese competition, so it didn’t last very well. For more specifications, check out this list on Off-Road.com.

This example (VIN: W2070MX) has period-correct aftermarket lights and fenders. It has a few new parts but the seller believes it needs fork seals, a taillight bulb, and “it may need additional work to perform to your expectations” as it’s 47 years old, which is a little concerning. Still, it’s different and it’s street-legal, at least in Minnesota!

Find this Tyran for sale in Robbinsville, North Carolina with a BIN of $2,950 here on eBay.