1974 Yamaha TX500

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Yamaha introduced the TX line (4 stroke parallel twins) in 1973 to generally great reviews. The 500 was really a tech marvel, with lots of innovations-such as dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, counter balance shaft, an electrical system designed to support the electric starter and front disc brake. But, like all new technology, some inherent bugs appeared. By 1974 Yamaha had cured the inherent internal problems in the motor with a deeper oil sump and an adjustable balance chain but the damage was done. By 1978 the TX line was no more.

Yamaha TX500 - Engine

The 1974 TX 500 used an air cooled 498 cc 4 valve per cylinder DOHC motor to produce 48 HP. Generous power flowed through a very smooth 5 speed transmission and chain drive to push the top speed near 100 MPH. The balance shaft took much of the ‘buzziness’ out of the handlebars and overall (wet) weight was 456 LBS.

Yamaha TX500 - Gauges

This particular TX 500 (VIN: 371114942) is located in Englewood, Colorado and is available .

It has one bid of $1,500 and the reserve is not met. It is said to be a 15,799 mile survivor. You should know that the Keihnin carbs are notoriously cold blooded and have been known to have difficulties coming off idle. And the color. At the time the paint was universally loved or hated. It is a pretty intense color.