1975 Bultaco Frontera 360

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Post Sale Update: This Frontera sold for $2,700 after 8 bids on eBay in Boise, Idaho.

When Bultaco wanted to introduce the Frontera to American customers, they said it was “bred from the Pursang and the demands of the American Enduro experts.” The idea was that you’d get the off-road capabilities of the MX Pursang, but with a wide-ratio transmission and lighting for dual-sport usage. Or as the Spanish firm put it, “The Bultaco Frontera, the hi-speed Enduro bike you have been waiting for!

The Frontera was a bike that you could explore with in an easy-to-live-with-way: in a 1977 review, Cycle magazine said “Frontera power is the gutsy, low-down, dig-in, tractable kind of torque that will take either [250 or 370] bike anywhere and makes them ridiculously easy to ride.” This was also a fair description for the slightly older 360, also known as the Model 143.

The seller of this example (VIN: HB-14300972) calls it “an original survivor which has seen very little use while getting much needed tlc over the past several years. The cylinder has been bored and the OEM piston was ditched for a 1st-over Wiseco unit. The speedometer has been tested and is verified to work, though there is no cable hooked up currently. The fuel tank has been repainted and it is Caswell lined on the inside. Everything else seems to work, though the side stand needs a retaining spring. There’s also a little bit of rust on the spoke nipples.

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