1976 Montesa Cappra 125

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The Montesa Cappra 125 was the Spanish firm’s attempt at a motocross bike specifically for young riders. To help promote the bike, Montesa even created a “Montesa 125cc Trophy”, a spec series specifically for the small displacement Cappra. It was so popular that they had to change the format of the competition, adding several heats just to handle the number of young riders that wanted to race.

Montesa Cappra 125 VA - Left Side

Approximately 800 were produced, and very few were sent to the states. The 70s were a decade of incredible growth for Montesa, but they focused most of their sales in Europe. Unfortunately, upcoming economic depression made motorcycle production a difficult business proposition in Spain in the early 80s. All of Montesa’s native competition disappeared, and Montesa themselves were about to go out of business. Thanks to some government intervention, shares were sold to Honda and a partnership was formed that still lasts today.

Montesa Cappra 125 VA - Engine

This specific Montesa Cappra is in incredible shape, considering it has never been restored. The original owner used it to check fence lines, ran over a rock which came up and holed the crankcase. The owner than replaced the engine (with a unit that has only about 200 miles on it now), and put it away back in 1978. It sat for 30 years before being sold to the current seller. This bike differs from our usual listings as it will require a little assembly, but that’s keeping the bidding low. We thought it deserved to be featured because the cosmetic patina is absolutely perfect.

Montesa Cappra 125 VA - Right Side

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Montesa Cappra 125 VA - Sidecover