1977 Honda CB550F Super Sport

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Post Sale Update: This CB550F sold for $6,400 after 16 bids on eBay.

We usually think about bikes like the CB750 or the Z1 when we talk about the 70s. Although they are the symbols of this era, middle-size machines were usually the best sellers and they were some of the most interesting bikes to own thanks to their good price:quality ratio. Two years after releasing the mighty CB750, Honda released its little sister, the CB500. Two years later, Honda upgraded the model to te CB550F.

Equipped with Honda’s 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine, and a bore/stroke of 58.5mm x 50.6mm, the powerplant produced about 38 hp. That power could take the 421 lb bike to speeds above 90 mph. The bike had the same color schemes as its big sister, and also featured a lot of chrome. The 550 also inherited the same instruments as the 750. The CB550F Super Sport was kind of a “café racer” version of the CB550 with few modifications, notably lower handlebars and more importantly, a 4 into 1 exhaust. To get more information about the CB550, please refer to Motorcycle Classics.

The CB550F (VIN: CBF550F2101074) presented here is in beautiful condition, showing a little bit less than 9k miles. The bike is claimed to be fully original and working great. The seller will also provide the original owner’s manual as well. Find this CB550 in Saratoga Springs, New York with bidding up to $3,550 and the reserve not yet met