1978 Rizzato Califfo

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Cesare Rizzato founded the Atala bicycle company in 1921, and like most Italian bicycle manufacturers they eventually went on to add motors to their two-wheeled creations. One was the Rizzato Califfo, which was built in 1977 and 1978 and named for the Califfo-built 49cc two-stroke engine with a 1-speed transmission. It was imported to the US by Promark Products of Ohio, who called this “the Ultimate Moped” in their optimistic marketing materials.

For more on the Califfo, check out Myron’s Mopeds. This example is said to be a runner in all-original condition, and it’s offered out of the Michael Harper-Smith collection of European Picture Vehicles.

Find this Rizzato for sale in Tarzana, California for $1,150 here on Craigslist.