1978 Suzuki GS1000

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Considered by some to be the best 1000cc four-cylinder of its time, the GS1000 was based on the 750 but had many improvements – Cycle magazine called this bike the “best handling multi of all.”

The 997cc four-cylinder DOHC engine produced 75 horsepower, which was enough to get the 548 pound bike up to about 139 miles per hour. For more on the GS1000 and what made it so remarkable, check out this Retrospective from Rider magazine.

The seller (Ray S) is a buddy that Vy and I actually met on our recent tour of New England – you may remember him from his Bought on Bike-urious post?

He notes that it spent some time “doing touring duty hauling a Vetter setup“, then sat for three decades in a garage. “It’s not perfect, it’s a rider.” It comes with the original tool kit, owner’s manual, suspension air gauge, and impressively, complete records. Ray says it’s ready to ride thanks to a complete fluid flush, new fork seals, and new front brake pads, though the tires are 30 years old…

Find this GS for sale in Cape Elizabeth, Maine for $3,750 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Ray S!

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