1979 Honda CB750F Super Sport

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Post Sale Update: This Super Sport sold for $3,150 after 15 bids on eBay in Olathe, Kansas.

6-19-2019 Update: Eight months later, this CB750F is back up for sale, and the reserve has been met even though the bidding is nearly $1,000 less than the last sale price. How will it end up? The listing ends soon, so find this bike now in Olathe, Kansas with bidding up to $3,050

Post Listing Update: This CB750F did not get any action at the opening bid of $3,900. But after it was relisted, it sold for $3,950 with 4 bids on eBay.

The Honda CB750 needs no introduction. It changed the game, brought us the word “superbike,” and the motorcycling world is better for it. The 1979 CB750F model has five gears, four carburetors, and the superior (in power and reliability) dual overhead camshafts. Silodrome has a handy buying guide for the CB750, including common issues to look out for, which is worth the read if you are seriously considering a purchase.

This model has been refreshingly restored to complete OEM spec, using genuine Honda mechanical parts and includes a fresh paint job and the Hondaline fairing. It has rolled just 10,900 miles, and sits in a showroom according to the pictures (though the headlight is an aftermarket unit which may use LEDs). With any classic bike, no matter how reliable, you have to be ready to roll up your sleeves, but this example should save you a significant amount of time (and money) by already being restored.

Find this CB750F for sale in Jasper, Indiana with an unmet opening bid of $3,900

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