1981 Honda Gorilla

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Post Sale Update: This Gorilla sold for $3,850 after 40 bids on eBay in Austin, Texas.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you’re more than familiar with the Honda Monkey. But did you know that starting in 1978, Honda made a bigger brother called the Gorilla? There were no folding-to-fit-in-a-trunk pretensions, it was just a small motorcycle with an excellent name! They’re incredibly difficult to find in the US, but here’s one waiting for you in Austin, Texas.

Honda themselves called the Gorilla a “leisure bike” when they put it back in production in 1998 after a 10 year hiatus (it continued on until 2017). The main differences between the Gorilla and its smaller brother were the seat and the larger tank (2.37 gallons) – not bad when the mileage was claimed to be 160 mpg! The Gorilla also got luggage racks on both ends of the bike. While the Gorilla and Monkey shared motors, the former got a 4-speed transmission with a clutch.

This example (VIN: Z50J-1337814) has just under 3,000 miles and it’s been recently serviced with a oil change, new air filter, and new battery. Find this Gorilla for sale in Austin, Texas with bidding up to $990

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