14 of 19 – 2005 Mert Lawwill Concepts Street Tracker

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Post Sale Update: This Lawwill build sold for $25,210.00 after 34 bids on eBay.

3-23-2018 Update: Almost a year and a half later, this Lawwill special is back up for sale. It looks like the only thing that’s changed is the odometer, which now reads an additional 66 miles (up to 1,966). Find it from the same seller in Sonoma, California with bidding up to $17,600 and the reserve not yet met

Post Listing Update: This Lawwill Street Tracker was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

In 2005, Mert Lawwill bought up 20 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200R motorcycles to use as the base of a limited production run of Street Trackers inspired by his XR750 flat tracker. Thanks to a bevy of custom parts (like a hand-crafted 4130 chromoly frame), Mert was able to shave off over 100 pounds from the donor Harley. Over a 5 year period, Mert Lawwill Concepts apparently cranked out 19 bikes – here’s number 14.


The work was impressive, and it included replacing the cylinders, heads, exhaust, cams (Megacycle), and ignition system – plus the addition of a dual carb setup. Even the frame was replaced – there are very few original Harley parts left on this build. I particularly enjoy the dual swingarm, fully adjustable Penske rear shock, and the right-side number plate which actually functions as the oil tank. The rear suspension/swingarm design actually pushes the front end down during acceleration.


Now that the engine displaces 1,400cc, this example dyno’d at 96 horsepower and it’s really sweet. Here’s a video of someone walking one of the other 18 bikes if you’re looking for more information:

Find this Lawwill Street Tracker for sale in Sonoma, California with bidding up to $15,100 and the reserve not yet met