In France – 1976 Malaguti Olympique

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Post Listing Update: This Malaguti did not get any interest at the opening ask of $2,000.

Europe’s tiered licensing system has created demand for smaller bikes that youngsters are limited to, and back in the 70s one of the most popular categories was the 50cc ‘sport moped’ – the dream of many a teenager. The best seller was the Yamaha FS1 (also known as the Fizzy), but a few lucky youngster with coin could get themselves one of the fastest 50cc bikes available: the Malaguti Olympique. At a time when the FS1 cost £236, this Malaguti would set you back £650!

Despite just 50cc of displacement, the 6.5 horsepower Franco Morini motor Olympique was capable of hitting 60 mph or returning 106 mpg. That could take you quite a distance considering the tank was 2.5 gallons. The relatively high top speed was due to tall gearing, which meant that you really had to twist the throttle when leaving from a stop. It was available in two models: the TR had tall bars while the GT (featured here) had low clipons that could also be paired with an optional fairing.

This example has just 500 miles and the seller says he/she has the original exhaust. It is claimed to be in wonderful condition with a full restoration and new paint job. You’ll have to be local as this seller only accepts local pick up, but find this sport moped for sale in St Germain en Laye, France with an unmet opening bid of $2,000