1982 Can-Am Qualifier 250

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The successor to the TNT (Track ‘n’ Trail), Can-Am’s Qualifier was an enduro sibling to the MX-3 with a Rotax motor tuned more for mid-range torque than top-end horsepower. When they launched it in 1977, Can-Am said it was their first purpose enduro bike so you no longer had to strip down a TNT or add lights to the MX.

Per Canned Ham, it “featured typical enduro type accessories such as aluminium skid plate, snail cam adjusters, quick release wheels, grab handles, leather tool pouch and centre stand. All typically found on modern bikes but quite a revolution when it was launched.” The Qualifier was available in 125, 175, and 250cc displacements – the last option had 7.5″/7.3″ travel front/rear, a six-speed transmission, and an adjustable fork angle from 25 to 31 degrees.

This example is said to start and run “like it should” and it’s offered with a bill of sale.

Find this Can-Am for sale in Victor, Montana for $2,900 here on Craigslist.

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