1983 Suzuki GR650D Tempter

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I haven’t featured a Tempter in years, but now you get two in one week. As a quick refresher, this bike was only available in the US for two years – this is the higher-level “D” model which comes with two-tone paint, adjustable front air forks, and alloy wheels.

Suzuki Tempter - Emblem

According to a ’83 review from Cycle World, the GR650 produced 50 horsepower and could hit 110 miles per hour. MSRP was $2,399, and they called the Zook a “good and faithful servant” after a long-term review. For more on the Tempter, check out this short article from Motorcycle Classics.

Suzuki Tempter - Cockpit

This example was rescued from years of storage – the seller (someone I know and trust, if that’s worth anything) brought it back to life after hours of work. He now says it’s safe, reliable, and in great condition. There are no leaks but there are a few paint scratches and the chrome isn’t perfect.

Find this Tempter for sale here on Craigslist in Deerfield, Illinois for $2,000.

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