Gamma Racer – 1983 Suzuki RGB500

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1-26 Update: So much for that. It seems the sale has fallen through, so this Suzuki RGB500 is back up for sale

Post-Sale Update: After 28 bids, this Suzuki RGB500 sold for $33,999.

Suzuki’s RG500 was a celebration of 7 consecutive constructor’s titles in the 500cc class. The twin-crank, rotary valve rocket epitomized what we all love about two-strokes, particularly power and noise on the pipe. But the Suzuki RGB500 was the bigger, badder brother – closer to Suzuki’s race effort than you might imagine.

Suzuki RGB500 - Rear

The crankcases, barrels, and engine layout were nearly identical to the race bikes piloted by Mamola and Sheene, and the bore and stroke were actually the exact same. The square four engine could wind up to 12k, though redline was at 10. Additions required to make it road legal increased the weight to about 340 pounds, but power was in the three digits with just mild tuning. Considered by some to be the most successful 500 Grand Prix bike ever built, the Gamma is a legend. In fact, next July (2014), the Bikers’ Classics in SpA Francochamps will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first version of this two-stroke screamer. Listen to one of these lovely bikes here (but you’ll want to skip ahead to about 1:00 in):

This specific Suzuki RGB500 may have been raced at the Isle of Man, but we’re going to need to see some proof before we get too excited about that. It’s been on display for several years, during which time it has not been started. So, it will need a mechanical refresh, but this bike will hopefully be well worth it.

Suzuki RGB500 - Left Side

Sold with bill of sale only & this is a race bike only, thus there is no odometer, but ebay makes us put a mileage, so that is an estimate.
Find this Suzuki RGB500 for sale with an opening bid of $9,995 in Mustang, Oklahoma

Suzuki RGB500 - Cockpit

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