1984 Can-Am CMT 320

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After Can-Am ended up under the wing of Amstrong/CCM, they experimented with some different models. One of the rarer bikes was the CMT series, trials bikes that were available between 1983 and 1987 in varying displacements.

The CMT started production with a Hiro engine, but Hiro eventually went out of business and by 1985, Can-Am had switched to a Rotax powerplant. The ’83 introductory model got a 322cc piston port single that was ‘designed by Sammy Miller’, plus Marzocchi forks, Betor shocks, Akront rims, Pirelli tires, Amal carb, and more. The next year, displacement was bumped up to 320cc and the bike got several other upgrades – stiffer tubes in the frame, new forks, new locations for the foot pegs, and an upgraded exhaust. It appears just 100-200 examples of the CMT 320 were produced. In promotional materials, Can-Am said that the 320 “is not so much an unleashed storm as it is a tidal wave set in motion. This unstoppable machine has been extensively reworked in order to perfect the fine art of going slow.” For more on Can-Am’s trials bikes, check out this profile on Canned Ham.

This example has spent the last twenty years on display in a private collection, thought it apparently “starts right up, runs, and rides.” It’s offered on a bill of sale and I’d have to image it’s one of the better preserved ones in existence considering the rarity.

Find this Can Am for sale in Oakville, Connecticut with a BIN of $4,300 here on eBay.

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