1985 Suzuki GS550E

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The Suzuki GS550 is one of those bikes you might consider forgettable but in the mid 1980’s before fully faired sportbikes became the norm this middleweight was quite revolutionary when judged against the bikes that were being sold just a few years earlier. The GS550 was Suzuki’s answer to the Kawasaki Gpz550 that was a smashing sales success in the early 80’s and with a tariff on larger cc imported bikes the 550 offered a lot of performance at a reasonable price point.

The 1985 GS550 came in three versions, the L was more of a cruiser type variant while the ES offered a larger, more integrated half fairing. The E model for sale here is my favorite of the three, it has the more basic fairing and that simple classic 80’s appeal and looks great in red/white with gold wheels.

The GPz probably had a bit more performance than the GS550, but it was no slouch with its inline four that had Suzuki’s TSCC (twin swirl combustion chamber) cylinder head, a six speed transmission and decent brakes. The Full Floater monoshock rear suspension has a remote preload adjuster and the anti-dive fork known as “Posi-Damp” keeps things controlled up front. The GS550 also featured a bit of oddity when it comes to the carbs, a 2 barrel design with two carbs feeding the four cylinders.

This one looks to be a real original survivor with 4,114 miles at a reasonable asking price and thoughtfully the seller has included a lot of good photos. The seller says it runs great and needs nothing – the gas tank has been cleaned and flushed, and the carbs and petcock have been rebuilt.

Find this 1985 Suzuki GS550E for $3,500 in Chandler, Arizona here on Craigslist.