1985 Yamaha RZ500

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Yamaha’s RZ500 (also known as the RD500LC) was a two-stroke rocket that was kept out of the US thanks to EPA regulations. Only built between ’84 and ’86, it’s now a desirable collector’s bike.

Yamaha RZ500 - Cockpit

This was sold as a road bike race rep of the Grand Prix racer YZR500. The 50 degree V-4 engine yielded over 80 horsepower through a 6-speed transmission. Interestingly, the gear shafts were removable without having to split the crankcases.

Yamaha RZ500 - Front Left

This specific Yamaha RZ500 was fully rebuilt and converted into a replica/tribute of Wayne Rainey’s Marlboro bike. About $5,000 was put into engine work, and you’ll get other extras including Jolly Moto silencers, forks and wheels from a 2004 R1, Ohlins rear shock, radiator from a Kawi ZX7-R, and more.

Yamaha RZ500 - Race

Find this Yamaha RZ500 for sale in Jacksonville, Florida with bidding up to $11,100 and the reserve not yet met
Yamaha RZ500 - Rear

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