1986 Garelli Monza GT

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Garelli is not a well-known marque in the world of motorcycling, but this moped was released while they were in the middle of an impressive run of 6 consecutive 125cc 2-stroke World Championships from 1982 to 1987.

While the racing success probably did not have much effect on a 49cc moped, the 134 pound Monza GT still looks like it has some racing pretensions. Despite the look, you’d be lucky to go faster than 30 mph on this scoot. There’s a couple of known issues with the model – lots of motor parts are unique to the Monza and can be difficult to source, and the clutch has rubber parts that are known to melt under adverse conditions (it’s not advisable to go 2-up on this little two-wheeler). For a copy of the owner’s manual, head on over to Vintage Mopeds.

This example has a few flaws – the front headlight doesn’t work and the speedometer cable has snapped. Otherwise it seems to be in good shape, so find this Garelli for sale here on Craigslist for $1,400 in Costa Mesa, California.

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