1986 Suzuki GSX-R750

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Putting lights on racebikes has always been a reliable way to sell motorcycles. The one or two days a month spent at full throttle and full lean are worth all the discomfort. Recently, some of these bikes have been built as unattainable technology exercises utilizing manufacturing processes that were developed just to see if they were possible (i.e. BMW HP4 Race and its carbon frame). Others, like the 1986 Suzuki GSXR-750, made racing technology available to the masses. An air and oil cooled four cylinder put out 79hp, but measured just shy of the 750cc class competitors. Sometimes however, it’s about what isn’t there. A wet weight advantage of more than 50 lbs made it the weapon of choice for club racing weekend warriors. Over 30 years later, I did my first track day on a GSX-R750.

Respect for the game changing GSXR-750 has grown over the years, leaving a small pool of well-maintained examples. This 1986 model comes with inverted forks and 17” wheels, as well as a Kerker exhaust. The original forks and wheels are included, and probably add some value of their own. 8,500 miles have been traveled, with the plastics being repainted a few years ago. There is only one picture, but the wheels, exhaust, and forks are all visible. Given a VIN check, this GSXR-750 has the potential to turn heads rolling down the street, and the parts installed likely increase performance significantly. Otherwise, the new owner could enjoy this bike as it sits unridden in the garage. “… A nice piece,” as the listing describes it. The question is, keep it under 10,000 miles or set it free?

Find this Gixxer for sale in Acton, California for $6,500 here on Craigslist.

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