1989 Honda GB500

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Post-Listing Update: After being relisted, this GB500 did not meet reserve at $5,500.

In the late 80s, Honda took a risk and gave the world a beautiful motorcycle inspired by 60s thumper racers of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race – bikes like the Manx Norton and AJS 7R. Originally created as a 400cc bike in Japan, the bike got a bump in displacement to 500 cubic centimeters, and was then exported as the Honda GB500 across the world. The United States only got this beauty for 2 years, as sales were poor. Now, it’s a modern classic, and a personal favorite of mine.

Honda GB500 - Cockpit

Why were sales poor? First of all, Honda was a decade ahead of the times when it came to the release of factory cafe racers. American consumers weren’t ready for it, especially for a bike that looked British coming from the land of the rising sun. Secondly, US buyers were more interested in high horsepower sports bikes, and a relatively expensive standard that couldn’t keep up in the straightaways wasn’t going to be able to keep up in sales figures, either. The engine was a sleeved-down unit from the XL600 dual-sport, while the aesthetics were focused around clip-on handlebars, a solo seat with a seat hump, and the lovely pin-stripes.

Honda GB500 - Engine

This specific Honda GB500 has less than 4,000 miles and is claimed to run perfectly. It’s been in climate controlled storage pretty much since new – unfortunately this did not prevent the tank from picking up a minor dent.

Honda GB500 - Right Side

Find this Honda GB500 for sale in Columbia, Connecticut with bidding up to $5,700 and the reserve not yet met

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