1989 Honda PC800

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The Honda Pacific Coast was marketed towards white-collar professionals as an easy daily rider, and was one of the easiest motorcycles in the world to own and maintain, with a comfortable riding position, low-maintenance shaft drive, and a reliable drivetrain that can easily go 80-100k with just regular services. By far the niftiest feature was the integrated trunk. The passenger seat was attached to a trunk lid that was controlled by a pull release under the lockable gas cap. Two storage areas flanked the rear wheel, and the space was huge – you could easily store two full-face helmets and two medium-sized bags, or plenty of groceries. While this bike might have been ahead of its time in many ways, it never really captured the public’s imagination, and it was eventually relegated to the world of commercial failures.

This specific Honda Pacific Coast has just 15,660 miles on it and looks to be in great shape. It’s being offered by the second owner who has put in about $2,000 in the last two years to keep it in top shape. Find this Honda PC800 for sale here on Craigslist in Marina del Rey, California for $3,000.

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