1991 Bimota Tesi 1D

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I really, really try to avoid featuring motorcycles for sale that don’t have a listed asking price. But this rarity has been up on the Michael’s Motorcycles page for at least a week and I’d feel terrible if it sold before I made you aware of it.

Bimota Tesi 1D - Cockpit

The Tesi 1D (and all the bikes that have evolved from it) was created by Pierluigi Marconi as a thesis project for a Mech Eng. degree exploring hub steering. It’s still shocking now, so you can only imagine what the reception was when this bike first debuted. Hub-steering has its drawbacks (like the turning radius of a Mack truck and added complexity of maintenance), but it did a great job of separating the forces of steering, braking, and suspension. Also, just LOOK at the damn thing!

Bimota Tesi 1D - Steering

Find this Tesi 1D for sale in Saint Louis, Missouri here at Michael’s Motorcycles, asking price unknown.