1997 Montesa Cota 315R

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Every so often I see a trials video, or catch some vintage trials at Barber and I think – I need to try that. I know I will never be a roadracer from my trackday experiences, and motocross/enduro are also pretty much out of the question as it is not a question of whether you will crash, but how much and how hard…..So, trials seems relatively safe…..when you fall, you just – fall over. Anyway, here is a perfect bike for a would-be trials rider.

Montesa was one of the larger Spanish motorcycle manufacturers, formed at the end of WWII to provide much-needed inexpensive transportation for the masses. They are not well known in the US, as they did not export very many models. They made small-displacement road, enduro and trials bikes for the European market. The Montesa 315R was the premiere trials offering from Montesa in the late 1990’s.

The 315 was based around a single cylinder Honda 2-stroke engine that put out a modest 17hp, but trials is all about maneuverability, tractability and balance, and the key figure here was a weight of only 161 lbs.

This Cota is claimed to be in good shape, with updated plastics, good tires and some other goodies. It is on offer here on Craigslist in Gainesville, Georgia for $2,000.