1999 ATK 605 Enduro

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In the world of air-cooled dirt-bikes, it’s harder to better off the showroom floor than with an ATK – a boutique manufacturer with an emphasis on top-shelf parts and minimum weight.

ATK 605 Enduro - Gauges

Some consider it to be the perfect mid-sized adventure bike as it comes so well spec’d from the factory – you get Brembo brakes, Talon hubs, Paioli forks, Ohlins shocks, and both an electric/kick starter. The low maintenance Rotax motor helps provide plenty of power for the 300 pound bike, and parts availability is still solid. The only issue for some would be the fuel range…the stock 3.2 gallon tank is good for less than 100 miles, and aftermarket tanks aren’t easy to find.

ATK 605 Enduro - Left Side

This specific ATK 605 is in good shape and has just 1,656 miles. The most recent owner only put 350 miles on it in the last 10 years! It seems to be original, and is currently in a street-legal configuration, despite the lack of mirrors and rear turn signals. You’ll also get a new battery and my favorite small/mid size street legal knobbies, the Dunlop K606. Just be aware that this bike will soon need fork seals redone.

ATK 605 Enduro - Seat

Find this ATK 605 for sale here on Craigslist in Capitol Hill, Washington for $4,000.

ATK 605 Enduro - Right Side

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