1999 CMC Captain America

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Like the Captain America bike from Easy Rider that I featured a few days ago, but thinking that spending a million dollars on a motorcycle might be a little difficult? Well, here’s one of the small run of bikes that were endorsed by Peter Fonda as replicas, built by the California Motorcycle Company, otherwise known as the CMC Captain America.

CMC Captain America - Cockpit

This bike was built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the movie, but it’s oddly not that great of a replica. Major flaws include the engine (not a Panhead), the angle of the exhaust pipes, and the fact that the front wheel has a fender on it. 750 of these bikes were supposed to be made, but in the middle of the production run, CMC picked up the rights to the Indian motorcycle name and decided to adopt the name and try building Indians. Only approximately 110 of the Captain Americas were built before they moved on. For a great comparison between this replica and the original bike, and why this one is arguably a disappointment, check out this article from Hal Licino over at HubPages.

CMC Captain America - Numbering

This specific CMC Captain America is number 108 and was previously owned by actor Lawrence Fishburne. It has less than 900 miles and features a S&S twin engine. It comes with all documentation as well as autographed pictures of the actors in the movie.

CMC Captain America - Right Side

Find this CMC Captain America for sale here on Craigslist in Memphis, Tennessee for $27,500.

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