1999 Yamaha TRX850

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Over on Iconic we’ve got a rare example of a motorcycle that was never officially sold in the United States. Sales were initially disappointing and Yamaha killed it after 4 years, but the bike seems to be remembered quite fondly by moto-journalists and owners – MCN later called it “the best-kept secreting in motorcycling” and a “forgotten gem,” this bike is definitely worth a closer look.

The oversimplified idea was that this was a “Ducati with Japanese reliability.” The parallel twin 849cc engine produced 79 horsepower and it was the first production engine with a 270 degree crankshaft. We recently sold another TRX at Iconic that I took home a few times, and I really enjoyed the riding experience (though I thought the bike needed a 6th gear).

The one I rode – speedblock is the best!

This example is VIN: 4NX002831 and it has 5,080 miles. It’s got several modifications, most notably custom bodywork and a custom paint job. To be frank, I don’t really care for the mods and would prefer a stock bike, but these rarely come up for sale…plus (and you didn’t hear it from me) – the reserve is insanely reasonable. It’s offered on an Oregon title.

Find this TRX850 for sale with bidding up to $1,100 in Santa Monica, California here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

Disclosure: Bike-urious is a partner in Iconic Motorbike Auctions.