2 Semis Worth – Pre-1983 Harley-Davidson and Indian Collection

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Someone’s father spent a lifetime collecting Harley-Davidson and Indians made before 1983 – now what’s left is packed into two semi trailers (which are included in the asking price). “Hook them up and easily take them away.”

The seller doesn’t want to split any of this up, so his goal is to “sell the whole package to one person who has a shop already and/or has the ability to build bikes and understands how to build bikes. They would end up with an amazing collection. There is so much stuff here in milk crates, etc, that I can’t take photos of everything.”

There are five running bikes:
* 1942 WLC.
* 1943 WLC (Magnum). Sportster top end put on a ’45
* 1953 Pan
* 1976 FLH Shovelhead
* SuperVEE

Never heard of a Super Vee before? Check out a previous one featured by Tim Huber!

There’s another 5 incomplete bikes, 13 frames, 30 engine cases (including one for an Excelsior-Henderson), and all kinds of parts. In your head, take a moment to guess what you think that’s worth.

Then find this collection for sale in Parksville, British Columbia for $140,000 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by D.C.!

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