2 Stroke Legend – 1974 Kawasaki H2

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted several times, this H2 sold for a BIN of $13,000 on eBay.

Not unlike Kawasaki’s more recent H2 (and H2R) models, its first H2 model was a game changer that easily set itself apart from the rest of the two-wheeled offerings of its time. The three-cylinder two-stroke 750 was simply a beast, and while taming said beast in the form of keeping the front wheel down was supposedly somewhat of a challenge, the H2 represented a noticeable step forward in the world of motorcycles. Oh, and it was a damn fine looking bike.

The H2 was powered by an air-cooled 748cc, oil-injected, three-cylinder two-stroke that reportedly made 74hp at 6,800RPM and a cool 57ft-lbs at 6,500RPM. The powerplant was married to a chain-driven five-speed transmission with gearing that apparently pulled like hell. The suspension on the H2 consisted of an inner-spring telescopic front fork and a three-position spring preload adjustable shock absorber in back. All told the H2 weighed in dry at 423lbs (or 192kgs).

A stock H2 was said to be capable of traversing a quarter-mile in twelve seconds flat from a standing start. The top speed of this torquey two-wheeler is said to be around 120mph. Carburetion on the H2 was handled by three 30mm Mikuni VM30SC units. The current seller who “regretfully needs to sell this beautifully restored Kawasaki” is responsible for breathing life back into this iconic bike. Starting with the frame that was stripped and painted before moving onto the engine which was rebuilt by an “H2 specialist”. New crank seals and crank bearings where installed and the cylinders were bored and honed, with a claimed ten-miles being added to this example since it’s restoration. The seat has been recovered with what looks like the stock stitching pattern, and the grab rail and headlight ears were re-chrome plated.

While the ad doesn’t specify, I’m confident the tank was repainted, as it appears every inch of this example was run through with a proverbial fine-tooth comb. According to the seller the only thing missing to make this ’74 H2 example completely stock is the stock air box. Every part on this H2 is relatively pristine, including the undeniably awesome looking asymmetrical triple pipe exhaust (which does look like it may have a small dent in it). Kawasaki did offer an additional front brake but this example only wears the single disk up front.

Half a decade ago ClassicMotorbikes.net did a pretty solid road test review of the H2 750 in which they explain just what it is about this multi-cylinder two stroke that makes it so special. The handful of pictures of the 70’s Kawa doing wheelies should be a decent indication of this machine’s personality.

You can find this beautifully restored 1974 Kawasaki H2 (VIN: H2F41168) in Miami Beach, Florida with a BIN of $13,000 or best offer